Post-Acute SHOPP

Join us at the Symposium for Healthcare Organization Purchasing Professionals First Annual Conference!

May 5th - 7th

Las Vegas, Nevada

Education – Networking – Vendor SHOPPing SHOPP’s inaugural conference promises to turn the world of professional procurement on its head. From top-notch education to invaluable networking to a unique vendor showcase, all taking place in the magnificent MGM Grand. Education will cover crucial topics in the purchasing process, such as: 
  1. Embracing Change – 20/20 Perspectives for the Procurement Professional
  2. Survey and Compliance: What’s my role?
  3. Actual vs. Perceived Value. Who is right in the cost vs quality debate?
  4. Quality/Quantity Conundrums
  5. Technology, Reporting & Data Analytics
  6. Aligning Procurement with Reimbursement Opportunities
  7. Theft, Compliance and everything else you don’t want to talk about
…and more!

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