SHOPP Invites you to join us as we inaugurate our annual symposium!

The Symposium brings together Procurement Professionals and Procurement Partners to learn how to optimize financial and clinical performance and mitigate regulatory risk, through education.

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Tuesday, May 5th - Thursday, May 7th
MGM in Las Vegas

Join us for our inaugural Symposium that brings together key stakeholders
in our unique collaborative environment.

Some highlights of our upcoming education agenda:

Topics & Descriptions

Please click on each topic for a description

From understanding important concepts to tricks of the trade, we will discuss everything any Procurement Professional needs to know.

Understanding how procurement, financial and clinical needs come together as a team to achieve success pertaining to these topics.

The average facility has over 20 software systems running independently. We will evaluate facility use, redundancy, integration so that total spend can be decreased. The best gym membership doesn’t make you fit, you have to show up!

Reimbursement - National vs. State, let’s learn the differences, understand the right questions.

Panel discussion featuring several GPO representatives responding to topics related to rebates, anti-kickback statues and more.

Is a dollar saved really a dollar earned? The “Procurement Value Equation” (PVE) Framework is introduced as a guiding principle to elevate purchasing decisions for the entire interdisciplinary team.

The tensions are palpable. Clinical and financial leadership in a “tug-o-war” debating requirements of balancing excellent care delivery and egregious cost. Round table discussion with Clinical and Financial leadership as well as the Procurement Professional.

From Therapy to Enteral feeding to Dietary and Housekeeping and everything in-between, experts will review the pros and cons of this question.

One ply vs. two ply, vinyl vs latex etc. and it’s all encompassing ramifications. How do product and service utilization transform into leading indicators of quality?

RX, Equipment and Dietary restrictions! Insights through the eyes of a Procurement Professional showcasing a few case studies to learn best practices for every admission.

Understanding the importance of contracts, compliance and everything else we don’t want to say out loud. As a new operator, am I REALLY responsible for old contracts??

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