Passion Statement

Supporting excellence in Post-Acute Care by providing data-driven and ethical evaluation of products and solutions for meaningful, financially responsible outcomes by bridging the gap between clinical and financial operations though enhanced education of the Procurement Professional

Our Goal Is Simple

The Society for Healthcare Organization Procurement Professionals (SHOPP) goal is simple: Empower Procurement Professionals by instituting value-based principles that improve patient care while maintaining the integrity of the healthcare continuum and protect operating margins.

Advocating for the Procurement Professionals

A purchasing agent’s objective is to secure the lowest possible pricing within narrowly-defined management directives focused on cost control, with no standardized metrics to measure quality or define value. However, the procurement process is vast and has many moving parts that are interdisciplinary and cross-functional.

Quality, expenses, reimbursements and compliance
all play critical roles in decision making.

A Procurement Professional sees beyond short-term savings; they understand the benefits of an interdisciplinary process and helps to bridge the gap between clinical and financial leadership. An effective Procurement Professional brings balance between operating efficiency and quality outcomes. A Procurement Professional considers the nuanced variables of the healthcare “value equation” by comprehending reimbursement implications, quality measures, labor, service and price to secure long-term, sustainable financial returns for the healthcare provider.

SHOPP is not about negotiating talent or scale – our mission is to empower buyers with data-driven insights into how third-party products and services impact organizational outcomes and financial viability.  

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